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"Gerhò" - interactive catalogues with the new App for iOS and Android

Clicker - to order Gerhò products with just one click

A revolutionary way of placing your orders.

GERHÒ MAGAZINE has introduced a revolutionary system for you to submit orders INTERACTIVELY. The system is designed and built to choose and order any product entirely online. The micro-camera built into the "Clicker" allows you to read the product’s barcode safely and quickly. Clicker is the tool that will allow you to save on valuable time when you want to place an order. The "tags" that appear next to the products featured in the catalogue represent the evolution of the barcode. With a simple CLICK any time you want. Without having to exit the application with which you are working. Without using any other keyboard function. Your order will be displayed in just a few seconds, ready to be forwarded through our system.
To learn more about the many advantages Clicker has to offer, call our shared-cost number 840 501882 now.
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