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Company history

Gerhò S.p.A. was first established in 1987 and in the past 30 years, we have witnessed the dental industry change dramatically.

Gerhò S.p.A. was first established in 1987 and in the past 30 years, we have witnessed the dental industry change dramatically. Up to the late 1990s, employment relationships between companies, importers, warehouses, labs and dentists were defined according to long-established patterns, where each person had a well-defined position in the chain of benefits. But change was in the air. In 1998, in order to UNDERSTAND the future of the market, Gerhò commissions an in-depth and extensive survey that provides significant pointers on the scenarios that were develop in the near future and the triggering factors behind them.

Based on the survey, two factors appeared to be particularly relevant to the future of Italian dental laboratories:
- an increase in commercial conflict caused by the large number of laboratories and
- an increase in professional conflict caused by the “supposed” standardisation of products and services offered on the market.
- An analysis of the future needs of the industry that would soon emerge from these changes enabled Gerhò S.p.A. to weigh-out the best course of action, to open a new avenue in the distribution of materials, and to develop the strategies that would effectively meet the new market demands. 

When changes are on the horizon, a business needs to DECIDE: stalling and allowing economic crises to simply happen is the biggest hindrance to achieving success.

In 1999, Gerhò issues the first edition of the GERHÒ MAGAZINE, the first Italian catalogue for the direct sale of materials and systems for Dental Laboratories. 
In 2002, Gerhò introduces the STUDIO LINE catalogue to offer the quality of its products even to Dental Clinics. Gerhò S.p.A. identifies what has to be the main characteristic of practices that seek to become a business partner of dental labs and clinics alike.

The above is true because Gerhò is able to offer:
- a wide range of products and systems that meet the needs of each stage of the manufacturing process in the dental clinic and lab.
- products and systems that are readily available to the leading and most advanced companies in the industry.
- the option of having “alternative” products that stand out for their quality-price ratio.
- the constant availability of those products nationwide.
- a transparent and stable purchase price over time.
These choices have been the key to the success of Gerhò S.p.A., thanks to which in 2006 we were able to meet the needs of over 30,000 customers.

Gerhò S.p.A. believes in the future of Italian dentistry and invests to grow with it.


Products that become comfortably available to our customers thanks to an even greater stock at our warehouses.
An automated process for the submission and processing of orders throughout Italy with a very efficient lead time.


Available to answer your phone calls and accommodate your requests.
Or to schedule visits on-site at your premises to meet your needs there where you are.


Technical and scientific support to get you acquainted with and keep you updated about our work methods.
The Technic Team to test and learn more about the methods applied in the dental laboratory.


When quality makes all the difference

Catalogue "Studio Line"

2002 - 2018

  • edizione 1 studioline
  • edizione 2 studioline
  • edizione 3 studioline
  • edizione 4 studioline
  • edizione 5 studioline
  • edizione 6 studioline
  • edizione 7 studioline
  • edizione 8 studioline
  • edizione 9 studioline
  • edizione 10 studioline
  • edizione 11 studioline
  • edizione 12 studioline
  • edizione 13 studioline
  • edizione 14 studioline
Edizione 1, 2002/03

Catalogue "Laboratory Division"

1999 - 2018

  • edizione 1 laboratorio
  • edizione 2 laboratorio
  • edizione 3 laboratorio
  • edizione 4 laboratorio
  • edizione 5 laboratorio
  • edizione 6 laboratorio
  • edizione 7 laboratorio
  • edizione 8 laboratorio
  • edizione 9 laboratorio
  • edizione 10 laboratorio
  • edizione 11 laboratorio
  • edizione 12 laboratorio
  • edizione 13 laboratorio
  • edizione 14 laboratorio
  • edizione 15 laboratorio
  • edizione 16 laboratorio
Edizione 1, 1999/2000
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